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Welcome to Sacred Heart School!



Sacred Heart School is accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools(SACS) through Cognia(formerly AdvancEd), and the National Catholic Education Association. All of our teachers are fully licensed. Our curriculum is based on national benchmarks and standards assessed by the nationally normed ACT Aspire. Sacred Heart School teaches a love for learning and provides students with the tools necessary to realize their full intellectual potential.

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Faith Formation

Sacred Heart School was recognized in the Spring of 2017 as one of three schools in the United States for our strong Catholic Identity programs. Sacred Heart School is a Catholic environment dedicated to developing young people whose actions reflect knowledge, respect, and integrity. We provide a comprehensive faith formation program for our students, staff, and families. Our students participate in daily religion classes, monthly service learning projects, weekly celebration of Mass, and Advent and Lent Penance Services. Our middle school students participate in two retreats a year provided by the NET Ministries. Staff participate in four retreats during the academic year. Our fathers have created a Catholic Dad's Group to support fathers in their spiritual development and guidance of their children.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Sacred Heart School attempts to provide a variety of enrichment opportunities for our students. We offer technology instruction and Spanish instruction for students in PK - 8th grade. All students have an opportunity to participate in sports through our athletic department. All of our students may register to participate in special programs managed through our Aftercare Program including Karate Class, Art Class, Lego Club, and ballet and gymnastics.  Our middle school students have the opportunity to participate in our fine arts program which includes choir, band, and drama. They also have several academic teams including Robot Club, Math Team, and Knowledge Bowl. Special school day art classes are available for middle school students. 

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Our Staff

  Name Title Contact
Cafeteria Account Account, Cafeteria
Brittani Aiken Aiken, Brittani Title III Teacher
Dana Armstrong Armstrong, Dana Cafeteria Manager
Shawn Arnell Arnell, Shawn Athletic Director
Allison Baskin Baskin, Allison Teacher
Cherene Beck Beck, Cherene After Care
Rosie Becker Becker, Rosie Sub Teacher
Anita Belfoure Belfoure, Anita After Care Director
Margaret Sue Broker Broker, Margaret Sue Teacher
Lynn Cansler Cansler, Lynn Teacher
Maria Castaneda Castaneda, Maria Asst. Teacher
Joyce Coats Coats, Joyce Asst. Teacher
Rhonda Cobb Cobb, Rhonda Asst. Teacher
Lena Collins Collins, Lena Teacher
Marijean Cradic Cradic, Marijean After Care/Substitute Teacher
Janice Daleke Daleke, Janice Sub Teacher
Rae Davis Davis, Rae Librarian
Lesli Etheridge Etheridge, Lesli
Larry Gales Gales, Larry Cafeteria
Dana Glasgow Glasgow, Dana Teacher
Rhonda Grillo Grillo, Rhonda Bookkeeper
Amber Hayes Hayes, Amber Music Teacher
Elaine Johnson Johnson, Elaine Sub Teacher
Talisha Jones Jones, Talisha Counselor
Jane Ketner Ketner, Jane Teacher
Becky Lambert Lambert, Becky Teacher
Ann Lovelace Lovelace, Ann Teacher
Mitchell Lucas Lucas, Mitchell Maintenance
Bridget Martin Martin, Bridget Principal
Michelle Mayer Mayer, Michelle Title I
Jonathon Miller Miller, Jonathon Teacher
Education Office Office, Education
Rebecca Parker Parker, Rebecca Teacher
Kari Pennington Pennington, Kari Teacher
Laura Powell Powell, Laura Teacher
Lynoir Pullen Pullen, Lynoir Admin Asst.
Debra Reeder Reeder, Debra Maintenance
Ashley Ross Ross, Ashley Teacher
Sue Sartain Sartain, Sue Sub Teacher
Drew Savage Savage, Drew Director of Facilities
Shayna Schumacher Schumacher, Shayna Teacher
Jeanne Shannon Shannon, Jeanne Sub Teacher
Stephanie Shaver Shaver, Stephanie Teacher
Donna Smith Smith, Donna Teacher
Willie Smith Smith, Willie After Care
Cecilia Stahl Stahl, Cecilia Sub Teacher
Donna Underwood Underwood, Donna Speech Therapist
Makaela Warren Warren, Makaela After Care
Susan Webster Webster, Susan Teacher
Jonnie Whittle Whittle, Jonnie Teacher
Monica Winans Winans, Monica Teacher
Amber Zachary Zachary, Amber Teacher
Carolyn Zionce Zionce, Carolyn Teacher


January 2020
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Science Fair
January 9, 2020
Science Fair
January 9, 2020
PTO Meeting
January 14, 2020 |06:00 PM - 07:00 PM -
PTO Meeting
January 14, 2020 |06:00 PM - 07:00 PM -
All School Mass
January 15, 2020 |07:40 AM - 08:30 AM -
January 15, 2020 |07:40 AM - 08:30 AM -
Donuts with Dad
January 16, 2020 |06:45 AM - 07:30 AM -
Donuts with Dads
January 16, 2020 |06:45 AM - 07:30 AM -
Donuts with Dad
January 17, 2020 |06:45 AM - 07:30 AM -
Donuts with Dads
January 17, 2020 |06:45 AM - 07:30 AM -
No School
January 20, 2020
All School Mass
January 22, 2020 |07:40 AM - 08:30 AM -
January 22, 2020 |07:40 AM - 08:30 AM -
Blood Drive
January 28, 2020 |07:30 AM - 12:00 PM -
Blood Drive
January 28, 2020 |07:30 AM - 12:00 PM -
All School Mass
January 29, 2020 |07:40 AM - 08:30 AM -
January 29, 2020 |07:40 AM - 08:30 AM -

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