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Admission Procedures

Sacred Heart School is a fully accredited school, offering a PreK-8 educational program.  The school adheres to the policies of the Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Education, and Sacred Heart Southern Missions.  The following policies have been formulated in relation to student admissions. The Educational Institutions of the Diocese respect parents as primary educators of their children and provide learning opportunities in an atmosphere which reinforces the educational and formational priorities occurring within the home environment.  Parents freely choose to share their parental authority and responsibility for the education and formation of their children with the Catholic school/center in a cooperative relationship. (See Diocesan Policy #5102.1)

The school/center respects the dignity of the child and is required to comply with all applicable federal and state anti-discrimination laws (See Diocesan Policy #1610) in determining acceptance of a student into a school/center.  Children of other religions may be accepted if enrollment openings are available unless attendance would cause conflict for the child because of the unique religious philosophy of our schools/centers.

Catholic schools/centers offer programs of education and formation for children and youth to all who are willing and able to live within the religious, academic, behavioral, and attitudinal requirements of the school and whose parents/guardians demonstrate a desire to have the school assist them in their parental role as primary educators of their children.  Catholic school/centers shall not be a refuge for parents/students who seek to avoid disciplinary consequences, and/or educational placement in another school.

  1. Families are admitted into the school community when, on the basis of a personal interview, the principal/director or his/her designee judges the interest and motivation of parents and student to be in accord with the philosophy of Catholic education.
  2. Schools/centers are to develop a screening process for all new students entering the institution.  All students are on probation during the first semester of their attendance at a Catholic school/center.  During the first semester probationary period, the school/center shall determine whether or not it can meet the needs of the student.  Notification of the probationary period shall be placed in the student/parent handbook. 
  3. In the admission of students to Catholic Educational Institutes, priority consideration shall be given as listed below.  Any questions regarding these criteria are to be forwarded to the Office of Catholic Schools.
    1. To all children currently enrolled in Sacred Heart School.
    2. To children of families with siblings currently enrolled in the school/center.
    3. To the children of parishioners (in the case of a parish school).
    4. To children from other Catholic parishes.
    5. To children of other Faith Traditions.
  4. School/centers should strive to have financial assistance programs available for students from low income families.
  5.  While continuing efforts to maintain and highlight Catholic character and identity, schools will continue to enroll students of all races, religions and cultures.  (See Diocesan Policy #5102R)

* Any student who has been expelled from another school or who has withdrawn from a school during a school-mandated suspension may not be admitted to Sacred Heart School.
* Re-enrollment of each student is on a year-to-year basis. All required forms must be returned and fees paid before placement is assured, including application and registration information.  A non-refundable application fee is required at the time of application.
Ages required to attend school are set forth by the Mississippi Department of Education and are as follows:
  1. A student must have had his/her 3rd birthday on or before September 1st to be eligible to attend pre-kindergarten.
  2. A student must have had his/her 4th birthday on or before September 1st to be eligible to attend pre-kindergarten.
  3. A student must have had his/her 5th birthday on or before September 1st to be eligible to attend kindergarten.
  4. A student must have had his/her 6th birthday on or before September 1st to be eligible to attend 1st.

* Vacancies must exist within the established state-mandated teacher/pupil ratio.

Tuition Payments

Monthly Payments:

Spread your tuition balance over monthly installments.
Payment Methods Offered: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft, Cash, Check

Semi-Annual Payments:

Pay your tuition in two installments.
Payment Methods Offered: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft, Cash, Check

Payment in Full:

FACTS is a quick, secure method for paying your tuition balance in full.
Payment Methods Offered: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft, Cash, Check