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Kari Garrison
Kari Garrison
Phone: 662-349-0900
Groups: Teachers

I am Kari Garrison. I am the Pre-K 4 Lead Teacher. This is my 12th year at Sacred Heart School. The first 9 years I taught 2nd grade. This is my third year teaching Pre-K 4 at SHS. I did teach Pre-K prior to coming to SHS in Georgia and New Jersey. Altogether this is the beginning of my 21st school year! I have my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Mississippi. 

I have been married to my husband Larry Garrison for 4 years. We have 4 children altogether. I have 1 bonus son Landon that is 19, 1 bonus daughter Zoe' that is 14, I have 1 daughter Kylie that is 17 and did attend SHS from 1st grade-8th grade, and Larry and I have 1 son Langston together that is 3 .Langston is currently attending SHS  in the Pre-K 3 class. 

Our house is completely full with not just 4 kids but we also have 2 dogs named Beauty and Rebel.

I look forward to getting to know each student this school year and of course seeing my past students in the hallway and around town! I always say, “Once mine, always mine!”