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February 17, 2020
What's Going On:
*        There will be no school on Monday, February 17th.
*          Very soon packets for our Fun Run race for education fund raiser will be sent home. This the most significant fund raiser of the year.  Since our first run in 2017, we have refurbished the library, replaced the old bleachers in the gym and obtained another cart of Surface Pro computers! 
*          Our next project will be timelines – My Life So Far, which is a chronological account of our lives (sequence and order of events).  We will need a small baby picture (one that you do not mind that we cut up for our project) by February 21st.
READING:  Our story this week is Mama’s Birthday Present; vocabulary words: confetti: a small pieces of paper thrown during a celebration; surprise: an unexpected event, fact or thing; piñata:  a paper animal filled with toys and candy; wonder  a feeling caused by something that is surprising, amazing or beautiful; to be curious about something; party: a gathering of people having a fun celebration; enjoy: to be happy with something;  high frequency words: got, put, so, who, why; map and retell; sequence – order of events; plot, write a menu. Vocabulary sentences will be due on Friday, due to the short week.
DOLCH WORDS: #211 - #220 – shall, show, six, small, start, ten, today, together, try, warm. This is our 10 words; we will begin testing soon.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Learn about future tense verbs that use helping verb will; test on future tense verbs on Friday. We are working on the draft of our animal essay (expository writing).  Next we will clean up the mistakes and write our final draft and illustrate the animal of our topic.
PHONICS: Due to the short week with a holiday and field trip, we will not introduce any new phonics skills this week.
SPELLING LIST:  Due to the short week, we will not have a spelling list, dictation sentences or a spelling/dictation test this week.
MATH: Complete our chapter on graphs and data – test when completed.  Next we will learn about money.
SCIENCE: Observe our little plants growing in the window in the terrarium!
SOCIAL STUDIES: Black History Month – learn about the lives of great African Americans who have made our world and lives better; learn about famous presidents.
ART: President’s Day art
Susan Webster
Susan Webster