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Mrs. Winans ~ 2nd Grade

Week of Feb. 18-21

**Field Trip is tomorrow to see Junie B. Jones at the Landers Center.Students may wear jeans and a red school shirt. ** Don't forget animal projects are due next Wednesday, Feb. 26. If your child finishes it early, they can bring it in.**

This week in Phonics, we will learn suffixes -ful and -less, final stable syllable -tion, and have a sight word test. Students have the sight words in their agenda on the week of Jan. 27. That test will be on Friday. There will not be any spelling list/test this week. 

In English, we are still working on possessive nouns. This week we will focus on plural possessive nouns, for example dogs' or children's. We will also learn how to tell the difference between and plural noun and a possessive noun.  We will work on compound words at the end of the week. 

This week in Math we will continue to work on subtracting numbers that need to be regrouped(borrowing). We will work on 3 digit numbers this week. 

In Reading, we will read Diary of a Fly. This is a story written from a fly's point of view. It will go along with our science study of insects this week. We will review fact and opinion, cause and effect, problem/solution, and students will get the chance to do some creative writing. Vocabulary for the story came home on Friday. PLEASE study! Practice making sentences with the words. 

Science: We will continue our animal unit with the study of insects. The study guide for insects were sent home in red folders Friday. We will learn about the characteristics of insects, their habitats, and adaptations. We will talk about the life cycle of them as well.  We will take our quiz on Friday.  The animal project is due next Wednesday, Feb. 26. Students may bring them in early if they finish early. Next week we will conclude our animal unit with fish. 

CURSIVE: We have started learning cursive!! I am really happy with the students' work so far! We are working on making sure to slant letters. We will do a few sheets per week. Some days there will be homework. I encourage them to go slowly and really work on holding their pencils correctly. We won't do our work in cursive. That will start next year in 3rd grade. The students always complain that their hands hurt. I always tell them they are using muscles in their hands in a new way, so it hurts at first. 

 AM and AR---I have had several questions about AM and AR,  so I thought I would do my best to address it here for everyone. As stated at parent night, I am working on preparing them for 3rd grade and these are counted towards final grades next year.

Q:Can students take AR tests on their library books? A: Yes, if the book is in their ZPD range. If you don't know that, I can check it at school. Also, AR tests can only be taken at school.

AM---Accelerated Math PRACTICES can be done at home. Tests have to be done at school. Students work on practices, score them, and get a new practice. When they have done well on a few practices, it tells me they have a test ready. I print the test, they work it and score it at school. If they do well on the test, they should get 5 objectives. That is half of their goal. If they don't do well on practices, they continue to get them to hopefully do better. If they don't, the program tells me they need an exercise.  They will complete the exercise with me and then continue with practices. You can access Renaissance Place through the school's website and log in with your child's information. They should know that. You need to click on the Accelerated Math button. NOT Accelerated Math 2.0.  You can print and score practices at home. 

I hope this helps everyone. If you have further questions, please contact me and I will be happy to help you!


Monica Winans
Monica Winans