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Mrs. Winans ~ 2nd Grade

Friday, May 1 

Honor Code:

Sacred Heart School is a Catholic environment dedicated to developing young people whose actions reflect knowledge, respect, and integrity.  Our mission statement reminds us the importance of doing what is right when no one is looking.  As a student of Sacred Heart School, I pledge that I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment/exam.

Week of May 4-8 Last week of new work!! Hooray!

I just want you all to know that I think you have done a great job helping your children and the children, I'm sure, have worked hard for you. :) I have really missed your children and hate this is how the school year ended, but again, I thank you for your patience and understanding.   So here it is..... last week of work

MondayEnglish: Watch the video Parts of Speech: Adverbs by Teaching without Frills         Reading: Read for 20 minutes, take an AR test if book is finished. Fill out the Monday box on the Reading Response log.    Math: Today's work is a review of even and odd numbers, which will help with arrays. Complete the worksheets 2-1 and 2-2 (there are only about 3 questions on each page).  Science: Today will start the short unit on forces and motion. Today to introduce these concepts, have your child watch these two videos. 1) SciShow Kids "Swings, Slides, and Science" and 2) the Jack Hartmann "Forces Can Push or Pull After watching these two videos, think about all the things you push or pull around the house and outside. List at least 10 items/activities that require these forces.  You can just divide a paper in half and put the heading "Push" on one side and "Pull" on the other.  This paper should be emailed with the rest of the work on Friday. 

Tuesday-  English: Watch the Grammaropolis video about adverbs and then complete page 89 in your English workbook.  Reading: read for 20 minutes and take an AR test if you finish your book. Fill in the Tuesday box on the reading response log.   Math: Watch the video about arrays by Kids Academy and this other video relating multiplication to repeated addition to arrays  and then complete the worksheets R2-3 and E2-3 on arrays.   Science: Ok, one more video today. Sorry.  This one is a little long, but the only assignment for science today. It is the Science Max video on Friction

WednesdayEnglish: Complete the Adverb practice worksheet. You will rewrite 5 sentences and add an adverb to modify the verb.  Reading: Complete the story worksheet with questions on Stone Soup. Read for 15 minutes and fill in your Wednesday portion of your reading response log.  Math:  Watch the video by CTC Math on Multiplication as repeated addition and then complete the array worksheet (#5 at the bottom).  Science:  Complete the Marble Friction Activity and the related worksheet that goes with it. If you do not have the items needed, just find something similar that you think would work. 

Thursday-  English: The work for today will require you to remember the difference between an adjective and an adverb. Remember, adjectives describe nouns and adVERBS describe verbs. It is in the name. ;) Complete page 126 in your English workbook.  Reading: Read for 20 minutes, take an AR test is ready, and fill out the Thursday box in the reading response log.  Math: Complete the worksheets on multiplication--277 and 278. Make sure to read and fill in the top of page 277.  Science: Complete the worksheet Push or Pull with Sports. 

Friday-  English: Complete the page titled Adjective Challenge on page 130 in your English workbook. It is like yesterday's work because you have to decide to use an adjective or an adverb in each sentence.  Reading: Read for 20 minutes, take an AR test, and fill out the Friday box on your reading response log.  Math: Complete the quiz M-1 worksheet on repeated addition and multiplication. At the bottom, when it has blanks for the addition and multiplication, on the multiplication when it has _x_=_ or _x_=_..  I always teach them that multiplication is the same as addition because you can multiply in any order and get the same answer ( 6x7=42 or 7x6=42). That's I want them to do on that part.  Science:  Today's work is pick your experiment/activity. I think in the attachment it is labled as stations (?) There are 4 options. Pick the one that you have the materials to do. Complete the activity and fill out the matching questions for your activity.  



Week of April 27–May 1

We are in the home stretch! Two weeks left of assignments! You can do it moms and dads!! (and kids)  Thank you all for your hard work and encouraging words. Remember, please reach out to me if you need any help!

Monday-- Reading: Read a book for 20 minutes and complete Monday's box in the Reading Response Log. Take an AR test.  English: We will work on comparative and superlative adjectives. These are just adjectives we add -er and -est to when we compare 2 or more things. I always tell my students to remember the suffix -er has 2 letters, so you are comparing 2 things. My cousin runs faster than me. This sentence compares my cousin to me. So for the suffix -est, I tell them that you are comparing 3 or more things or all of something..-est is 3 letters and so is all. Examples: My students are the kindest children in the school. (Comparing my students to all the students in the school) Or, Hawk is the tallest boy in the class. (Comparing Hawk to all the other boys.) Today you will complete page 116 in the English workbook.      In Math, we will be learning about measurement.  Watch the Kids Academy video about "Measurement Tools" and then complete the pages 706-708 in the Math workbook. If you have a ruler, yardstick, or measuring tape, it would be great for your child to have access to those for the learning. We have used these tools earlier in the school year, but your child may not remember.    Science:  This week we will learn about Earth's natural resources and how we use them.  Watch the video "Natural Resources of the Earth" then take a nature walk. Take the "Nature Walk" worksheet with you to complete on your walk. 

Tuesday--- Reading: Read for 20 minutes and complete the Tuesday box on the Reading Response Log. Take an AR test. English- continue with the comparative and superlative adjective workbook page 117.    Math- Watch the "Centimeters and Inches" Kids Academy video, then get out your ruler! I did pack rulers that were in desks back in March, so hopefully your child has theirs. Use the inch side of the ruler to measure on the "Treasure Travel" worksheet. Students should measure from dot to dot and write the correct number of inches on the lines. No lines should be drawn on the map.  You will need to make sure your child starts at the end of the ruler, or on zero, depending on the ruler itself. Make sure he/she is lining up the ruler properly from dot to dot, not the picture, but the dot by the picture.   Science- Review what natural resources are by watching the video again or just talking with your child. Then complete the cut and paste worksheet "Natural vs Man-Made".

Wednesday--- Read for 20 minutes and complete the Wednesday box on the Reading Response log. Take an AR test. English- today we will look at choosing the "right" adjective to use to describe a noun.  The workbook page the student will complete is page 121. The adjectives will have similar meanings, so your child might need some guidance.    Math-- Today we will use the centimeter side of the ruler and measure the yard pieces on the worksheet 73. Make sure your child is on the cm side of the ruler and is lining up the ruler properly when measuring.  Complete an AM practice or AM test.  Science--- Complete the "Natural Resource Match-Up" cut and paste worksheet and then use it to complete the writing/drawing Natural Resource worksheet. 

Thursday-- Reading: Read the worksheet "Cinderella/Turkey Girl" and then answer the questions. Please have your child complete this on his/her own.  Read for 15 minutes and complete the Thursday box on the reading response log. English: Day 2 of choosing the right adjective. Complete page 122 in the English workbook.  Math: Watch the Kids Academy video on estimating measurement  Then  practice with some things around the house. You don't have to write any of it down, just practice. :)  Science-- Watch the video on erosion by FreeSchool and the video from SciShow Kids on the Grand Canyon.  Tomorrow, after watching an erosion experiment the students will write an informative/explanatory paragraph on erosion. 

Friday-- Reading: Read for 20 minutes and complete the Friday box on the Reading Response journal.  Take an AR test.  English:  Complete the pages 123 and 124 in the English workbook over adjectives. Please have your child do this on his/her own. You may help read words. Math: Today the student will estimate and measure items at home and fill in the work on this worksheet. They will use inches and centimeters. The worksheet was originally made for the students to complete at school, so if there are items you don't have at home, please substitute them for a similar item you have at home. For instance, where it says teacher's desk, use the kitchen table. When you substitute an item, please write above what you did use. :) Have your child complete the estimate portion first (the top), then measure and write the measurement at the bottom. Remind your child NOT to change his/her estimates. It is okay if they don't match up. Also, note that 1-5 use inches and 6-10 use centimeters.    Science: Watch the Fun Science Demo video on erosion  When finished, I will check for what the student has learned by having them write a short informative/explanatory paragraph about erosion.  Your child should include the topic (erosion), what happens during erosion (the process), and consequences of soil erosion. You may have your child use the paragraph frame in the emailed work if needed. 


 Week of April 20-24

This week in English we are working on adjectives, in math we will finish line plots, and in science we will focus on the moon and planets.  Also, remember to read for 20 minutes a day toward your AR and work on AM!! Reading Response journals need to be emailed to me on Friday or Saturday! Thanks!

Monday:  English- Watch the video What is an adjective? and complete the pages 111-112 in your English workbook.  Math- Watch the Kids Academy video on line plots to gain a better understanding  Science- Listen to the read aloud of Moon's First Friends  After the read aloud, go to the Scholastic News site and log in. Find the issue titled "Math Star" and listen to/read it. Then complete the Read and Think worksheet.  Religion-  review the Emmaus story in your "I Walk with Jesus" book, pages 6-19

Tuesday:   English- Watch the Schoolhouse Rock video on adjectives and complete page 113 in your English workbook.   Math- Watch the How to Make a line plot video and complete pages 803-804 in your math workbook.   Science- Watch the video All About the Moon After watching the video, log in to the Science Spin website and find the issue titled "Rocket Man". Listen to/read the issue.  Complete the Spacesuit diagram page. 

Wednesday:   English- Complete page 114 in your workbook on adjectives.  Reading- Read the worksheet "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", maybe read it twice. Then answer the question pages that go with it.    Math- Complete page 805-806 in your math workbook.   Science-   Watch the Scishow Kids video on moon phases After watching the video, complete the phases of the moon art. 

Thursday:   English- Choose an item around your house. You can take a picture of it or draw it or just write what it is. Write as many adjectives as you can to describe the item. You should have AT LEAST 5 adjectives.  You don't have to write a paragraph, just list the words. This will be submitted with the other workbook pages and worksheets.   Math- Complete workbook pages 807-808.    Science-  Write an opinion piece! You will write about if you would like to visit the moon or not! You should introduce your topic, state your opinion, and give 3 reasons supporting your opinion.  This link goes through the steps of writing an opinion piece. Please use it to help you!   It has all the steps so you can go through them all as needed.  

Friday:   English- Complete page 115 in your English workbook.   Math- complete the line plot quiz.       Science-  I have several links today. The kids loved the Hopscotch Kids video on the continents and I found one on the planets! Then watch the planets video by Mr. Demaio The last link I have is the read aloud, by the author, of the book Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years  Then complete the worksheet "Which Planet is Earth?" 



I am keeping the last week's instructions below this week's. That way if anyone is late getting it in, they can still see it. 

Remember that this week's work that is emailed is really for 2 weeks. 

Monday, April 6

 Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English- being verbs in workbook, page 80 (am/is)    Math- Picture graphs (again this week, looking at the key on this graphs is most important because it tells them how many the picture represents) pages 821-822 in the math workbook.  Science- we will start on understanding stars, moon, earth, and sun and their patterns. There are LOTS of great videos to watch on this. I will be putting a few links here.  The Crash Course Kids have several good star/constellation videos.  this one is called Star Personalities is called Seeing Stars The last one is a link for a book read aloud. I had ordered it with our last book order.  It is called Sun! One in a Billion by Stacy McAnulty

Tuesday: Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English- continue with being verbs in workbook, page 81(are)        Math- continue with picture graphs in math workbook pages 823-824        Science- continue with stars and our sun.  Watch the video posted below by Mr. Demaio about the sun.  Then  complete the "Our Sun" worksheet in the email. 

Wednesday: Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English- work on past tense of being verbs in workbook, page 82 (was and were)      Math- continue with picture graphs in math workbook, pages 825-826.   Science- continue with sun and stars. Watch link for Here Comes the Sun  and complete the worksheet "One Bright Light" from the emailed file.  To go along with the science we are working on, if you don't already have it loaded to your phone, there is a free app I have for my android called Sky Map. I can take my phone outside, point it at the sky and it shows me where the planets, the stars, and constellations are. It is really, really neat. I highly suggest downloading it or another similar app and take your children outside to learn about the stars!

Thursday through Monday are holidays and the weekend so no work is assigned. 

Tuesday, April 14

Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English: complete "Watch for helping verbs" workbook page 83      Math: Complete the 2 picture graph pages "Honey Hunt" and "Planning for Summer" don't forget to pay close attention to the picture key! Please have your child complete this page on their own (you may help with reading words).   Science: Complete the worksheet Planets are Moving in the email pack.  This video may help with the understanding of this page.


Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English- complete page 84 in the English workbook, Watch for Being Verbs.    Math- Complete the Pictograph quiz worksheet. Have your child complete this on his/her own.  Science-- Complete the booklet that was emailed, Earth has Patterns that can be Predicted. 


Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English- work on future tense in workbook, page 85      Math- begin on line plots- complete the worksheet "Garden Line Plot" This page only requires creating the line plot. This is very new to 2nd graders, so we are starting very easy.  Science- Watch the video "Following the Sun"   and complete the emailed worksheet " You and the Sun"


Reading- Read for 20 minutes. Complete the correct day on your Reading Response log. English- complete the workbook page 86 on future tense verbs.    Math- Complete the emailed worksheet "Scientist Tools" line plot worksheet. Students will create the line plot again, but this time answer questions that goes along with the line plot.    Science- watch the video "Seasons and the Sun"  and complete the 2 worksheets that were emailed, "Seasonal Patterns" and "Comparing"  With the Seasonal Patterns worksheet, their will be the need to google search the time for sunrise during each season. Your child may need your help with that. 

Remember if you have any questions, please email me or send me a remind. Both week's work needs to be turned in on Friday, April 17. 

Week of March 30- April 3

I am not putting this in the daily format, but students should be reading for 20 minutes each day and using the emailed "ReadingResponse" daily reading log sheet. You may want to keep that one as we will use it each week. Please fill out the title and author if reading a different book each day, otherwise, just put page numbers. Make sure to write a response using the starters at the top. Try for at least 3 different starters each week.  Also, take your AR tests and your AM practices and tests. I will check the Renaissance Place every other day for signs that your child has been working!!  Make sure AR tests are within your reading range. I am usually okay if the level is slightly above, but not if it is below your child's level. 

Monday- For English, review that not all verbs get -ed added to make it past tense. Some have the spelling changed and need a helping verb in front of it. Students will do page 77 in their English books for practice.   Math-review that bar graphs are a way to show collected data in the form of a bar. Work on pages 815-816 in their math workbooks. Make sure to answer the thought questions,. Write them down.  Science-review the 3 states of matter. Listen to/read the February 2020 issue of Science Spin. (I can't recall the name, but it is making a chocolate dog.)  The corrected link for Science Spin is at the bottom of my webpage. :) Make sure to watch the video and answer the questions on the back page electronically for review. 

Tuesday- English-review from Monday and then work on page 78 in the book. Math- review how bar graphs show information and how to use them to answer problems. Make sure to focus on those key words to solve the problem. Also, make sure to always look at what the graph is counting by. It won't always be counting by ones. Sometimes the graph may count by 2s, 3s, 5s, or 10s. Work on pages 817-818  in the math book. Science- use the emailed handout for an experiment on chocolate. Review the states of matter, how molecules in a solid are very tightly together and in a liquid they are slightly spread out.  If you don't have any chocolate at home (gasp!) don't rush out to get some, use butter or some other like solid. Also, I highly suggest putting the chocolate in a ziploc bag instead of just your child's hand. :) Complete the experiment, include drawings.

Wednesday- English-continue to review irregular past tense verbs, especially those that need a helping verb. Complete page 79 in the workbook. Math-- review bar graphs, titles show the information presented, they don't always count by 1s. Complete pages 819-820 in the math workbook. Science-- Use the emailed document "matter reading" to read about how water can be all 3 states of matter. If at all possible, you can work with your child on actually showing them the information presented in the article, like boiling or freezing the water. After reading, complete the emailed "matter questions"  worksheet. Please let your child do this work on his/her own. 

Thursday- English--- review the work from previous days and have your child complete on his/her own the 2 pages emailed " 66 irregular verbs and 68 irregular verbs"    Science--- use the booklets from last week and study guide to review, then complete the emailed "matter review" page. Check your answers with the various study guides. Make sure you get them all correct!  Math-- review key words in word problems. I always show my classes how to write numbers along the side of the graph that counts by 2s. This helps them if the bar stops between numbers.  For today, complete the 2 emailed pages " Keeping Busy" and "Gifts for Mom" bar graph pages. See how much your child can do on his/her own, but you may read the work to your child. 

Friday- English-- review that some past tense verbs have a different spelling that doesn't used -ed. Complete the emailed sheet "irregular verbs" . Read words to them as needed.  Science--- TEST DAY! Please read the test as needed, but let your child do the work. Complete the "matter test" emailed worksheet and the back is entitled "matter test back" I think.  There are different directions for different parts of the test so make sure to look at directions carefully!  Math-- review tally marks, key words in questions. QUIZ DAY! Complete the emailed "bar graph quiz" worksheet. Remember, you may read this to your child as needed, but let him/her do the work. 

I hope week 2 is easier on everyone! Remember if you have any questions I am available Mon.-Fri. from 8am to 10am  and again 1pm to 3pm. Thank you for working so hard with your children and for your helpful responses and feedback!


I will ask that if there is something you would like to do in the math, english, or religion binder that has not been assigned, PLEASE check with me first. Some things will be assigned later from those books. 

Here are some links to some websites for the kids to use.  FRECKLE- code is KXMPG8 Their username is the child's first and last names. I already have assignments in for them to practice. 

SCHOLASTIC NEWS     class password: hillblock9

SCIENCE SPIN class password is the same.

AR and AM website









 AM and AR---I have had several questions about AM and AR,  so I thought I would do my best to address it here for everyone. As stated at parent night, I am working on preparing them for 3rd grade and these are counted towards final grades next year.

Q:Can students take AR tests on their library books? A: Yes, if the book is in their ZPD range. If you don't know that, I can check it at school. Also, AR tests can only be taken at school.

AM---Accelerated Math PRACTICES can be done at home. Tests have to be done at school. Students work on practices, score them, and get a new practice. When they have done well on a few practices, it tells me they have a test ready. I print the test, they work it and score it at school. If they do well on the test, they should get 5 objectives. That is half of their goal. If they don't do well on practices, they continue to get them to hopefully do better. If they don't, the program tells me they need an exercise.  They will complete the exercise with me and then continue with practices. You can access Renaissance Place through the school's website and log in with your child's information. They should know that. You need to click on the Accelerated Math button. NOT Accelerated Math 2.0.  You can print and score practices at home. 

I hope this helps everyone. If you have further questions, please contact me and I will be happy to help you!


Monica Winans
Monica Winans