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Work May 4th- 8th

Hello Parents and Students,

This is my FINAL classwork email for this school year. In some ways I know we are all rejoicing that this is coming to an "end." But, I know that this has also been a very heartbreaking end to 2nd grade. I want you all to know that I truly love each and every one of your children and I did enjoy every minute I was able to spend with them. 

Ok technically school still won't be "over". Next week will be the last week assignments are assigned. The week of May 11th-15th will be spent collecting any missing work assignments. I have started sending out emails for missing assignments- please try to get those assignments turned in. I absolutely know this is not the ideal way for me to have to collect student work. I do appreciate all of my parents and how you have all been willing to work with me to make sure your child's education continued even during these uncertain times. 


Classwork 5/4-5/8:

Adobe Link: 

English: Students will work on adverbs and review adjectives this week. 

Monday: What is an adverb video?

Tuesday: Adverb Song video

Workbook pg. 89

Wednesday: Rewrite the following sentences and include an adverb.

1. The dog barked. 

2. The children played.

3. My brother race the race. 

4. My mother planted flowers. 

5. The wind blew the kite. 

Thursday: Workbook pg. 126

Friday: Workbook pg. 130 


I am attaching the final week's Reading Log.  Please make sure to have your child fill this out daily. I do take these as a weekly grade in the gradebook. Each child should be reading no less that 20 minutes a day. Remember, they can also use Epic online to read /listen to books.

***Students need to be taking AR quizzes. Many students have already completed their point goals! Remember, you must log into Renaissance Place through the school webpage. 

I am attaching a reading story called Stone Soup with questions/writing. They have all week to complete this story. Students should read it more than once. When you send this back to me- I only need the answer pages. 

Math: Students will be introduced to arrays/multiplication.

Monday: Array Song

WS: Even /Odd Intro to arrays - 2-1 & 2-2  - in adobe attachment

Tuesday: What is an Array video:

WS: R 2-3 & E 2-3 - in adobe attachment

Wednesday: Multiplication as Repeated Addition Video

Lori's Page WS - in adobe attachment. The first question is How many cans in all?

Thursday: Multiplication WS 277/278- in adobe attachment

Friday: Pictures Quiz M-1 WS - in adobe attachment 

Make sure to be working on AM! Many students have already reached their 10 objective math goal and some have already way surpassed that goal!! 

Science: Students will understand how the motion of objects is affected by pushes, pulls, and friction on an object. 

Monday: Video- Swings, Slides, and Science

Video: Forces Can Push and Pull

List 5 things you pull and 5 things you push 

Tuesday: Friction Video

Wednesday: Friction Activity  - inside adobe attachment

Thursday: Push or Pull? Sports WS - inside adobe attachment

Friday: There are 2 worksheets with 4 stations with questions. Please pick ONLY 1 station that you can complete at home and only answer that station's questions. You can always do more if you want- but I only need one completed. - inside adobe attachment


Happy FINAL week of work!! Mrs. Garrison 

Work for April 27th-May 1st

Work for 4/27-5/1

Reminders: Please submit students work to me every week. Some send completed work daily and some send everything at once- either is fine! 

Also, we only have classwork for 2 more weeks: 4/27-5/1 and 5/4-5/8. The week of 5/11-5/15 is to make sure all assignments have been turned in for grading, I will send emails out that week for assignments missing in my gradebook. 

Students should be reading no less than 20 minutes daily- many students still have not taken an AR test. Students do still need to be reading and taking AR tests like normal. If you do not have books at home, your child can use the Epic app to read/listen to books. 

Students should also be working on AM online. Many students have already completed AM goals!! 

Adobe attachment for this week's worksheets: 



Students will finish up the adjective section in their workbooks. I know the poster in an answer key of a teacher worksheet, but I needed students to see the rules of knowing how to add -er or -est to an adjective. 



Monday: English WB pg. 116 - using er, est

Tuesday: English WB pg. 117- using er, est

Wednesday: English WB pg. 121- choosing the correct adjective

Thursday: English WB pg. 122 - choosing the correct adjective

Friday: English WB pg. 123-124 - adjective review



* I am attaching the 2 stories Cinderella/Turkey Girl. These 2 stories are used to compare/contrast. (Tell how things are alike or different) There will be questions to follow. The students have all week to work on the stories and should definitely read them more than once before completing the answer section. When you return this to me- I only need the question/answer section. 

*I am also attaching the reading log for this week. This is a completion grade weekly. Please, make sure your child is filling it out and it is sent to me weekly. ** Don't forget to take AR TESTS!! 




Students will be estimating and measuring lengths of objects using centimeters/inches. Students will also watch videos and learn how to select the appropriate tools such as rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, or measuring tape when measuring. 

Monday: Video - Kids Academy: Choosing the right measuring tool

Math workbook pgs. 706-708

Tuesday: Video - learning how to measure using inches and centimeters on a ruler

WS- in adobe attachment: Treasure Travel, students will need to use the inch side of their ruler for this worksheet

Wednesday: WS in adobe attachment: Cats with Yarn, students will need to use the centimeter side of their ruler for this worksheet

Thursday: Video -Kids Academy:  Estimating Length

Friday: WS in adobe attachment: Estimating/Measuring items around the house. This worksheet was originally designed to work at school so if you do not have the item, choose something similar in size to estimate/measure. Please mark out my original word and write above what you actually measured. Example: Teacher's desk- mark it out and maybe measure a kitchen table instead 


Students will use informational text , media, and first hand observations to investigate and compare the properties of Earth materials. 

Monday: Science Video - Natural Resources of the Earth

WS- in adobe attachment: Nature Walk- Natural Resources

Tuesday: Video- Natural Resources vs Man-Made things

WS- in adobe attachment: Cut/paste Natural vs Man Made 

Wednesday: 2 worksheets in adobe attachment  Natural Resource Match- Up; Natural Resources draw/write 

Thursday: Freeschool Video- Erosion

Friday: Fun Science Demo video of Erosion

Writing assignment: Copy my paragraph format and fill in the blanks.

I learned a lot about erosion. One thing I learned was __________________________. The most interesting thing I learned was ____________________________________. 


Have a great week! 

Always- Mrs. Garrison 

Work April 20th- 24th


One of the requests I had last week was to include more videos explaining new topics. I have included in the email some poster pictures and videos on adjectives, line plots, and moon/planets. Students will only have 3 more weeks of work: 4/20-4/24, 4/27-5/1, and 5/4-5/8. The week of May 11th-15th will be used to collect assignments not turned in from previous weeks. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will send a remind message out Monday about when and time we will have our social zoom meeting! I look forward to seeing all their faces.

Mrs. Garrison 

Adobe link for work this week: ; also there are worksheet attachments. 


I am attaching reading log for week 3. Please make sure to have your child to fill this out daily. Each child should be reading no less that 20 minutes a day. Remember, they can also use Epic online to read /listen to books.

***Students need to be taking AR quizzes. Many students have already completed their point goals! Remember, you must log into Renaissance Place through the school webpage. 

I am attaching a reading story called Wolf in Sheep's clothing with questions/writing. They have all week to complete this story. Students should read it more that once. When you send this back to me- I only need the answer pages. 


Students will be focusing on adjectives this week.

Monday: video on adjectives:

Workbook pg: 111-112 

Tuesday: Workbook pg. 113

Wednesday: Workbook pg. 114

Thursday: Students need to pick an item/picture around the house. On a piece of paper write at least 5 adjectives - could always be more to describe item/picture. Please write what your item is at the top of the paper/or take picture with item. 

Friday: Workbook pg. 115 


Students will continue to work on Line Plots this week. 

Monday: Video on Line Plots:

Tuesday: Video on How to Make a Line Plot?

Workbook pg. 803-804

Wednesday: workbook pg. 805-806

Thursday: workbook pg. 807-808

Friday: In adobe documents there will be a worksheet- Line Plot Quiz

**Students should also be completing AM objectives in the Renaissance Program through our school webpage. 


Students will learn all about the moon and it's phases. 

Monday: Read aloud Moon's First Friends

Scholastic News: Students will need to watch the video/listen to article A Math Star ; I am attaching the worksheet labeled Read and Think that goes with this article.   the class code is garrison2019, Students will need to search in all issues- A Math Star.

Tuesday: Moon video :

Science Spin:  login: garrison2019  Students will need to watch video/listen to article Rocket Man, there is no handwritten work with this assignment

Wednesday: Moon Phase Video

**In the adobe link there are 5 pages that is a Phases of the Moon cut/paste activity.

Thursday: Opinion Writing: The videos below go through each step with students of how to write an opinion paragraph. The topic is: Would you like to visit the moon? Students should give 3 reasons either why or why not they would like to visit the moon. 

Video 1: What is it?

Video 2: Choosing a Topic.

Video 3: Making a Plan

Video 4:  Writing a Draft/Introduction

Video 5: Reasons and Examples

Video 6: Conclusion

Video 7: Revising

Video 8: Editing, last step!

Friday: Read aloud - Earth First Billion Years

Planet Song Video:

Learning about the planets video:

Worksheet in adobe attachment: Which Planet is Earth?


Review the Emmaus story in their book " I Walk with Jesus" .  It is on pages 6-19. It was our very first lesson back in August. For those who have the" Blessed" book, look at pages 66-69.

April 6th- 8th, April 14th- 17th

I am sending work for the next 2 weeks. Next week is Holy Week and then of course Easter. No assignments will be assigned for Holy Thursday (April 9th), Good Friday (April 10th) or Easter Monday (April 13th). I will not send work home again until the 17th. 


Students should continue reading no less than 20 minutes daily. They can read books at home or books on website. There are AR books on that webpage that students have been AR testing on!!  I am once again attaching the reading log with response starters. Don't forget to log in into AR and take AR tests! 

English: EVERY English assignment for the next 2 weeks come from the English workbook

Monday 6th: WB pg.80 - am , is

Tuesday 7th: WB pg. 81 - are

Wednesday 8th: WB pg. 82 - was, were

Tuesday 14th: WB pg.83 -Watching for Helping Verbs

Wednesday 15th: WB pg. 84- Watching for Being Verbs

Thursday 16th: WB pg. 85- Future Tense Verbs

Friday 17th: WB pg. 86- Future Tense Verbs

Math: 6th- 8th -math workbook, 14th-17th- I'm attaching an adobe link at the end with worksheets to download; Also, don't forget to work on AM!!

Students will work on pictographs and line plots.

Monday 6th- WB pg. 821-822

Tuesday 7th- WB pg. 823-824

Wednesday 8th- WB pg. 825-826

Tuesday 14th- worksheets labeled Honey Hunt/Planning for Summer

Wednesday 15th-  worksheet -Pictograph Quiz

Thursday 16th- worksheet - Line Plot: Number of Garden Objects

Friday 17th- worksheet - Line Plot: Scientist Tools 

Science: The students will be learning about the Sun, Make sure to check out the getepic website for books I have assigned on solar system

Monday 6th: Watch the youtube video linked to Mr. DeMaio called Sun Facts for Kids, he can be silly - but the kids love watching his videos and they really do learn!

Students also need to listen to the read aloud of The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal

Tuesday 7th: worksheet Our Sun

Wednesday 8th : worksheet One Bright Light, skill:cause/effect

Tuesday 14th: worksheet- The Planets are Moving

Wednesday 15th: YouTube link - Here Comes the Sun

YouTube link - Following the Sun

Students will have a booklet in the adobe worksheets called Earth has patterns that can be predicted - it is a fill in the blank booklet 

Thursday 16th: YouTube link - Day and Night

Students will have a worksheet- You and the Sun

Friday 17th: YouTube link - Seasons and the Sun

Students have a worksheet labeled Seasonal Patterns


I am attaching an entire downloaded packet. This packet has letters students have already learned that need to be reviewed and new letters for them to practice and learn. This packet can be done at your own pace.

Adobe link with worksheets- pray it works! 

Please remember to send work to me as you can for me to grade- this includes reading log! I miss all of you very much and hope to see you again soon!

Mrs. Garrison 


Webpages all in one place!

I had a parent ask if I could put all websites I have assigned students to in one email and I thought it was a great idea. 

Renaissance Place is the most important! You do have to go through our school webpage to log on to this site. Students use the same login as they do at school. Students should be reading and taking AR tests and I have changed AM to online so students don't have to print assignments. I will be taking grades in the gradebook from this webpage. 

Freckle is made by Renaissance and is a great place for math practice!  Class code: 5RSAPS  Student username: First name last name

Science Spin - students need this webpage for an assignment this week!  Webpage:  Login: garrison2019

Epic: webpage:   

Your class code:


Epic is great for reading online books especially when you are running out of books at home - I have also assigned books on matter, graphs and some fun books. As we move to new topics in subjects soon I will assign books to read. 

IXL:  Great math practice!! Students seem to be enjoying this webpage and it is being utilized daily. 

1. Go to

2. Enter your child's username and password and click "Sign in."

Username: firstnamelastname344 ex:karigarrison344

Password: firstinitial, last initial  ex. kg 

I hope this helps! 

Mrs. Garrison 

Honor Code

Sacred Heart School is a Catholic environment dedicated to developing young people whose actions reflect knowledge, respect, and integrity.  Our mission statement reminds us the importance of doing what is right when no one is looking.  As a student of Sacred Heart School, I pledge that I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment/exam.


Email of Work March 30th- April 3rd


I do have to take grades on some of the work sent home. Some work is for practice and some work will go into my gradebook. However, I want to see all work that students are completing. I am also saving work that I receive from students in their own individual file. Beginning with next week's work - all work will be due by each Friday. If you can please send a picture, scan... work to me. If you were unable to turn in this week's work please have it turned in by next Friday the 3rd. I will be sending home new work for the following week every Friday until we return to school.

I am hoping this link works with some downloaded work. I am learning how to do all of this myself. I may have to send multiple emails with work. But if this link works- 10 worksheets should appear - I am also attaching some files to this email for download.

Work for March 30th- April 3rd

Reading: I will be attaching a reading log with response starters. Reminder, AR is now available online for students to reading test. I have set their individual goals for the 4th 9 weeks. Reminder, the website is loaded with books for students to read online. I have also assigned videos and books for the math/science topics that I am currently sending work on. 

English: Students will work on Irregular Past Tense Verbs

Monday: Workbook pg. 77 saw/seen

Tuesday: Workbook pg. 78 ate, eaten, gave, given

Wednesday: Workbook pg. 79 went, gone, did, done

Thursday: worksheet in file- It has ran, run, came, come, gave, and given

Friday: worksheet in file-  Titled Irregular Past Tense Verbs - please allow students to do this alone

Math: Students will work on Bar Graphs

*I have assigned graph work inside their math IXL accounts. It is great online practice. Also, every student has been assigned online AM practices- that I will check my account daily Mon-Fri to see if they are ready for online AM tests - I will assign those online as well. 

Monday: workbook pg. 815-816

Tuesday: workbook pg. 817-818

Wednesday: workbook pg. 819-820

Thursday: worksheet in file- titled Gifts for Mom/Keeping Busy- please allow students to do this alone

Friday: worksheet in file  titled Bar Graph Quiz - please allow students to do this alone

Science: Students will work on States of Matter- reminder I have assigned books on that will help students better understand the states of matter 

Monday: Please log in to Science Spin -  Class login- garrison2019

Listen to the article How Do You Make a Dog Out of Chocolate? It also has a great video to watch

Tuesday: Log back into Science Spin, look at same article- there is an at home chocolate experiment that goes along with yesterday's article

Wednesday: worksheet in file- Read Works article about to read about Matter and complete questions

Thursday: worksheet attached-  titled Describing Matter- please allow students to do this alone

Friday: worksheet in file -Matter Test - please allow students to complete this alone

Remember to read, read, read!

I love and miss you all,







Renaissance Place has opened for students to complete at home! Students can read books and take their reading tests online at home!!! Also, with AM- I have changed all assignments to online assignments- so students don't have to print anything! They can pull up their practice and work straight from the computer! As a teacher , I am very excited about this. However, in order to log on to Renaissance Place- students must go through our webpage and click on the Renaissance Link. Their username and passwords are the same as what they were using at school! 

Emails/Webpages during school closings

Email March 23, 2020

Dear 2nd grade families, 

I want to tell you that Mrs. Garrison is truly missing you. I miss being able to see your smile and talk with you during the school week. I can't wait to be able to see you again soon! I am seriously missing hugs!

1) I want to remind you that I am available Mon.-Fri from 8-11, 1-3. These are the hours that I will be near my computer and will respond to questions. 

2) I need to know which families will be able to email work back to me for grading/feedback and also receive new work electronically

3) I will grade work as quickly as I can and send feedback 

4) Just a reminder that it is extremely important to read no less than 20 minutes a day , if you can squeeze in more that only benefits you! Also, practice math facts often-- especially subtraction! 

5) Just a reminder I have enrolled each child onto the Freckle webpage for Math practice.  Code: 5RSAPS  username: child's first and last name

6) Each student is also ready to read/take reading quizzes on - This is an amazing sight for students to read/listen to books and videos I have assigned. I have assigned a bar graph video, states of matter books, and some fun books too! 

Student Login Instructions

Your class code:


Laptop or Chromebook1.  Students go to Students enter class code, click on their name and they're in! 

iOS/Android1.  Students open the Epic! Students enter class code, click on their name and they're in! 


7) Students are also now enrolled in IXL - a great math practice webpage! 

To get your child started on your home computer, please follow these easy steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your child's username and password and click "Sign in."

Username: firstnamelastname344 ex:karigarrison344

Password: firstinitial, last initial  ex. kg 

3. Click on any skill to start learning!


8) Mrs. Collins was able to get our entire school onto, username: PW:flames20 - the children love this webpage in computer class! 


9) Daily Writing for the week of 3/23-3/27

Each day after reading for 20 + minutes … answer the following questions- it can be the same piece of paper every day.

3/23- 1. What book did you read? 2.Describe the setting of your book

3/24- 1. What book did you read? 2.Describe the main character of your book

3/25- 1. What book did you read? 2. What are some of the challenges that the main character is facing?

3/26- 1. What book did you read? 2. Identify the genre of your book. Explain how you know. 

3/27 1.What book did you read? 2. Identify a challenging word from your book. Define it, and use it in a sentence. 

10) Don't forget to work a little bit each day in your packet, play, and spend time with your family. 

Email March 19, 2020

Dear Parents,

I would like to thank you for your patience during this past week. I know it has not been easy on your waiting to hear from me to know what your child should be working on. Tomorrow, when you pick up their bags of supplies, there will be a packet of work. This is the work Mrs. Winans and I had planned for this week. It contains the science, math, English, and cursive we were planning.  This week I will do my best to lead you through this work on my webpage, but feel free to contact me through remind and/or email.  I will be available 8am-3pm on weekdays. 

First in the packet is the matter vocabulary for science. This will help them with their work. This week is a lot of worksheets, but since the kids are home, I will be coming up with activities for them to do as well. The second page is a foldable book about matter. This one is a little different, FOLD on the DOTTED lines and CUT on the SOLID lines. This page was just to introduce the subject and allow us to talk about it. The next sheet is about properties of matter. They should add their own to the back of this page. 

Next page is a little review of tally marks and answering questions about the data. I am so glad we got to word problems before the break. Having gone over the clue words in word problems should make this easier. They may need a little review of that. 

Next----review cursive f!! :)

After that, back to matter. This sheet has a little more to introducing the 3 states of matter. Let them look around the house and determine what states different items are. Next is another table with tally marks to review with more questions. The key words in the questions are underlined.  Then another cursive review page. This time making words. I usually tell the kids when it is a single letter to make 4 or 5 really nice ones on each line. For words, they should have room to make at least two per line. The key is making it correctly, not just getting it finished. 

There will be a sheet with another chart with tally marks-Baking Cookies. Let them answer alone, but you may read the questions to your child if needed. Have them circle or underline key words. 

The next 2 sheets go together to make a states of matter booklet. All answers should be in the short paragraph on each page. In the past, we do the booklet together in class and the kids use it for a study guide. The page after these 2 is a sheet that focuses on just liquids. It is a cut and paste. Students should have scissors and glue sticks in their supply bags. 

The next page is a bar graph sheet. We would use a paper clip to make a spinner for the wheel on this page in class.  Once they spin, they make tally marks next to the wheel in the chart. They will then transfer that information to the graph at bottom, coloring in the appropriate number of squares. Then answer the questions.  The page after this is a cut and paste states of matter page.  Read words as needed to your child, but see if they can place them in the correct category. 

The next 2 pages go together to create another graph and answer questions. This one calls for using a die. If you don't have one, find a creative way to do the page. :) Same as the animal bar graph sheet, the students make tally marks in the top box, then transfers it to a bar graph at the bottom.  Use that graph to answer the questions on the second page. 

The page with the title "Planning a Pool Party"  has to do with verb tenses. Don't do this page until your child has completed pages 72-76 in their Voyages English workbook. Page 75 and 76 they should do on their own. We did talk about verb tenses before the break. Present-happening now, may end with s or ing or no ending. Past-already happened, most words in past tense end in -ed. Future tense- has not happened yet, verbs in future tense usually have the helping verb "will" before it. 

The last 3 sheets --- more practice with cursive words,  a for fun critical thinking sheet ( we had been doing this for morning work and the kids really got to enjoy them), and a St. Patrick page for religion from Sister.  In their religion binders, at the front, is a Lenten countdown calendar. Please have your child get that caught up and then have them color the box daily. 

I will ask that if there is something you would like to do in the math, english, or religion binder that has not been assigned, PLEASE check with me first. Some things will be assigned later from those books. 

Here are some links to some websites for the kids to use.  FRECKLE- code is 5RSAPS Their username is the child's first and last names. I already have assignments in for them to practice. 

SCHOLASTIC NEWS     class password: garrison2019

Kari Garrison
Kari Garrison