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Week of February 17th- 21st

Week of February 17th-21st

*No school Monday, February 17th
*Junie B. Jones field trip Wednesday, February 19th
Due to 2 days that will interfere with our normal schedule there will NOT be a spelling test this week!!
Lesson #83: final stable syllable -tion
Lesson #84: Sight words
Lesson #85: Assessment
English: We will finish singular/plural possessive nouns this week
Math: We will begin 3-digit subtraction with regrouping
Reading: Our story will be "Diary of a Fly".  Skills: vocabulary, comprehension, fact and opinion
Science: Our animal group of the week is insects. A study guide will come home Tuesday, February 18th in folders. Remember animal projects are due Wednesday, February 26th

Week of February 10th-14th

Week of February 10th-14th


Spelling List #16: tree, mouth, cry, mow, out, took, mule, nine, slope, lake, king, slow, hoop, found, throw, could, would, should, four, their 
* Make sure to practice writing dictation sentences
I have to change HW and the test this week to Friday, February 14th. I will be out Thursday. 
Lesson 80: Assessment
Lesson 81: v'/cv
Lesson 82: suffixes -ful, - ness
We will be working on plural possessive nouns. We will also recognize the difference between plural nouns and plural possessives. 
Math: We will continue to work on 2-digit subtraction with regrouping. Please make sure to be reviewing this skill with your child at home. 
Reading: Our story this week is Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch in honor of Valentine's Day. Our story skill is to understand point of view.  Vocabulary and Story test will be Friday, February 14th. 
Science: Our animal group of the week is Reptiles. We will learn the characteristics of a reptile. We will learn differences between alligators and crocodiles. We will also discuss differences between turtles and tortoises. Reptile quiz Friday, February 14th. 

Week of February 3rd-7th

Week of February 3rd- 7th


Spelling List #15: Homework due/Test Date- Thursday, February 6th
drink, sky, try, pink, think, slam, by, game, home, hide, jump, fumble, thing, time, year, teach, each, read, eat, and
Lesson 76: g that sounds like j
Lesson 77: trigraph dge
Lesson 78: Spelling with dge, ge
Lesson 79: Spelling with ch, tch
English: We will begin working on singular possessive nouns.
**Students will have English HW Tuesday night
Math: We will begin learning how to complete 2 digit subtraction with regrouping. 
** Students will have math HW Wednesday night
Reading: Our story this week will be Frog and Toad and will be in our basal readers - students should bring home their reading book every night. Vocabulary words will come home in folders on Monday.  Reading skills: compare/contrast, writing a summary with beginning, middle, and end
**Story test and vocabulary test will both be Friday, February 7th
Science: Our animal group this week will be Amphibians. Study guide will be in folder. Mini quiz Friday. An animal project will be going home with students on Friday and will be due February 26th.
Kari Garrison
Kari Garrison