• Grade 4 - Religion and Language Art

    Instructor: Sr. Carolyn Zionce

    email - czionce@shsm.org

    phone - 662-349-0900 ext. 122

    "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear?"

    Psalm 27:1


    March 18, 2019

    Dear Parents:

         Welcome back from Spring Break.  I hope everyone had some time to relax and have a little fun.

          Your child had a note in their red folder about the "Race for Education," the school's big fundraiser in May.  You are asked to give the names and addresses of family and friends to whom your child can send a letter requesting them to sponsor your child/ren for Race Day.  The labels are actually due today (March 18) but you can send them in this week.   The students will be writing short letters requesting sponsorship for the race.  There are prizes associated with the number of labels sent in.  The money raised helps make inprovements in our school for your children.

         This quarter students will be required to accumulate 20 points in AR.  If they read

    15 minutes each day they should be able to accomplish this goal.

          Parent/Student/Teacher conferences are this Friday.  Please sign up for a conference time.  The link to sign up for a time is at the top of the webpage.  The link says "2018" but it is for this Friday.  I will be at school by 9:00am.  If you want a conference before 10:00, please e-mail me.




    Monday Music 

                        Homework - Spelling Unit 26 page 202 once in cursive

                        Write the words missed on Unit 25 five times each

                         Read AR 15 minutes


                         Mass today in the gym celebrating the feast of St. Joseph

                        Homework: English

                         Read AR 15 minutes.                



                   Homework:  Read AR 15 minutes


                     Homework:  Read AR 15 minutes

                         Spelling test on Unit 26

    Friday: P.E. and Music

                     Parent/Teacher/Student conferences



    Relgion We will complete the section on Lent and will then work on Unit 3 The Holy Spirit.  Chapter 10  "Confirmed in the Spirit" helps the students understand that the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way in the sacarament of Confirmation.

    Spelling-  Unit 26 -  words with the prefixs "re," "un," and "pre" -Test Friday

    Reading -  We will  be working on the story "Ride the Red Cycle."

    English  -  The chapter on Pronouns should be completed this week.

    Wordly Wise - Lesson 12 will be completed this week.

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