Dia de los Muertos  

    Spanish/8th grade Religion   

    Instructor: Mrs. Baskin

      Below is a brief overview of what we will be working on for the second quarter.  I look forward to teaching and working with you this year, and if you need me for anything, please don't hesitate to email me:   abaskin@shsm.org   


    PK and Kindergarten:   feelings, introductions, colors and numbers through 10

    1st grade:   review feelings, introductions, colors, numbers 0-20, ask someone their name and how they feel

    2nd grade:  review school objects, colors and numbers 0-20, begin days of the week and shapes

    3rd grade:   days of the week, numbers 0 - 31, months and weather       

    4th grade:  review weather and rooms in a school, begin to discuss the people who work there and numbers 0-50

    5th grade:    feelings with estar and numbers 50-60

    6th grade:  Family, friends, discussing ages and celebrations like birthdays and quincenaras and the verb "TENER"                            

    7th grade: talk about why you and others do at home, talk about going to school, school activities and parties, conjugate irregular verbs (ir, dar, estar) and regular AR verbs

    8th grade: talk about travel and activities while traveling, conjugate "g" yo form verbs, decide when to use SABER or CONOCER

    8th grade Religion:   daily saint and personal reflection, Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice, choose and research a saint for presentation and Living Saints Musuem in November



     SECTIONS 1-2 and the verb TENER

    6a:  Tues. Nov. 13 

    6b:  Wed. Nov. 14

    SECTIONS 3-5

    6a:  Tues. Nov. 27

    6b:  Wed. Nov. 28


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