• Religious instruction is provided five days a week to all students in grades PK- 8 and is designed by the objectives established by the Diocese of Jackson. At Sacred Heart School, we use the textbook Holy Figure series Blest are We by Silver Burdett. We begin each morning as a school community with the announcements, pledge, and prayer. Each week the entire school community celebrates Mass together. Sacred Heart School is blessed to have five parishes feed into the school: Holy Spirit in Hernando, MS; Good Sheppard in Tunica, MS; Queen of Peace in Olive Branch, MS; Christ the King in Southaven, MS; and St. Gregory's in Senatobia, MS.

    • STUDY

    The religious education program is designed with the objectives established by the Catholic Diocese of Jackson.


    Service projects for students vary from year to year but are usually planned around designated seasonal events such as food baskets for the poor at Thanksgiving. These projects give the students the opportunity to express their faith and to think of others.


    Students of appropriate age receive weekly Communion and attend Penance Services. Sacramental Preparation is provided in the 2nd grade religion class for First Communion and First Reconciliation.


In Love with God and God’s People

  • Friar Leo Fr. Leo John Dehon, founder of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, valued a spiritual life that always led to action. Members of his religious Congregation celebrate him on the occasion of his birthday, Friday, March 14.

    Although his parents initially resisted his desire to be a priest, Leo Dehon respectfully but with sadness set aside their wishes. His four doctoral degrees did not distance him from people, but enabled him to address creatively the needs of the oppressed factory workers in the town of his first parish assignment. For his efforts to awaken the conscience of priests to pressing social issues, he was branded a socialist.

    Longing to sustain his spiritual well being amid much pastoral activity, Fr. Dehon founded a religious Congregation of men in 1878. However, his misplaced fervor overshadowed his good sense and this caused the Church to dissolve the community. By totally accepting this crushing decision as God’s will, Fr. Dehon opened the way for the Church to reconstitute the Congregation under a new name and on firmer ground.

    Opposing an anti-Catholic French government, Fr. Dehon established a Catholic school and fought for the right to maintain his personal property. When he sent his first missionaries to the Congo, his critics called the decision “a mad venture,” but today the Priests of the Sacred Heart serve in 40 countries.

    Looking back, Fr. Dehon noted the many crosses in his life and admitted that he made mistakes. His followers noticed that he was a man who was in love with God and who used his keen intellect, spent his inheritance, and risked his personal honor for the benefit of the most vulnerable of God’s people.

    Each day, members of the Priests of the Sacred Heart make an offering of themselves to God, so that, faithful to the vision of Fr. Leo John Dehon, they spend their lives as prophets of love and servants of reconciliation.