Spanish/8th grade Religion   

    Instructor: Mrs. Baskin

      Below is a brief overview of what we will be working on for the fourth quarter.  I look forward to teaching and working with you this year, and if you need me for anything, please don't hesitate to email me:   abaskin@shsm.org   


    PK and Kindergarten:   feelings, introductions, colors and numbers through 10

    1st grade:    feelings, introductions, colors, numbers 0-20, ask someone their name and how they feel, classroom objects

    2nd grade:  body parts

    3rd grade:   feelings with tener      

    4th grade:  feelings with estar

    5th grade:  review greetings, days, months, time, seasons, weather - begin new textbook                              

    6th grade: talk about why you and others do at home, talk about going to school, school activities and parties, conjugate irregular verbs (ir, dar, estar) and regular AR verbs

    7th grade:  identify and describe school supplies and clothing, tell what you are going to do and what you have to do, express amazement and talk about what belongs to you and others

    8th grade: conjugate verbs in the past tense while describing summer and winter activities

    8th grade Religion:   daily saint and personal reflection, Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice, practice the Living Stations of the Cross to be acted out on Holy Thursday


  •  lesson 20 test:

    4A:  Thursday, May 16

    4B:  Monday, May 13

    Vocab quiz 1

     5th grade:  Tu. April 30 

    up to questions words

    Vocab quiz 2

    7A:  Fri. April 26

    7B:  Th. April 25

     8th grade past tense test

    Friday, April 26



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